Covid 19 – Employer Questions answered – VIDEO ONE


Over the last 48 hours we have been bombarded with queries from leaders and business owners about what to do in this crisis. In this video, our CEO starts with discussing a HR and business strategy and offers practical options and approaches. In particular, we address Standing Down employees.  Tomorrow we will discuss some more […]

Sick leave has been redefined!

Sick leave has been redefined! A full court made a landmark decision in the Mondelez case, that has significant consequences for most Australian employers.

Is your business growing?

  How does your business measure up for growth? Are you an employer of more than 5 staff seeking business growth? Have you wondered how your business measures up? Larger businesses have the advantage of employing HR and Organisational Development (OD) experts to enable high growth, help them become talent magnets that are engaged and […]

News Flash: New law passed – Vulnerable Workers Protection Bill

vulnerable workers

  NEW LAW PASSED SENATE Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 passed The Turnbull Government’s legislation protecting vulnerable workers amendment bill has now passed the Senate.  It will now head for Royal Assent (approximately two weeks) and become effective immediately.  Although some clauses give a six week […]

When dismissal goes wrong – sacked over the phone

unfair dismissal

When dismissal goes wrong Many businesses fall foul of Australia’s Unfair Dismissal Laws.  More small-medium enterprise businesses than larger.  It is critical for business to engage a HR expert early in the process and follow the guidance of HR to ensure this type of situation does not occur.  Some simple steps here, would have avoided […]