What is Coaching ?

Coaching has many meanings.  Coaching is not a done for you service.  We define our different view of the types of coaching below.  The common thing about all coaching is having a highly skilled behavioural coach, who is independent and objective, who can understand you at a very deep level and can therefore be your trusted sounding board and confidant.  

Coaching is a professional relationship between coach and client that works towards a specific goal such as managerial/executive goals, career goals, or goals related to people management, business management, business development, finances and more.  Coaching focuses on your current reality as well as moving you forward to create your desired future.

Coaching is actively collaborative, solution-focused and results-orientated. The coach facilitates change and supports and empowers the client to enact change.

When coaching is done well it is about empowerment, creating deep self-awareness and transformation. It helps to build emotionally intelligent, agile and adaptive leaders. Coaching is about providing a supportive space for leaders to work through and overcome complex challenges, to identify opportunity and explore possibilities. 

A coach helps you access deep unconscious programs that are limiting you and help you to transform them, creating amazing results quickly.  A coach also works with you to understand complex problems, to create new insights, to enable conscious decision making and more powerful and effective conversations and relationships. 

A coach works with you to develop more adaptive capacity, build new confidence, efficacy, competence and skills.  We help you to become more consciously aware, more authentic and more effective as a leader. We help you to quantum leap your leadership using transformative tools, behavioural coaching that is personalised and highly effective. 

Our coaches are all qualified behavioural and Executive Coaches, with deep business experience, are at an executive level, who are pragmatic and strategic and who are committed to having courageous conversations and building your competence, confidence and capability to reach your fullest leadership potential.

We take a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach and hold ourselves and you up to the highest leadership standards. We will enable you to transform your leadership style, your career, and your business. Your goals and dreams are our driving purpose.

Because every client is different and with different circumstances, we use a client-centred design for our Coaching Programs. Rest assured – you will have your own tailored program and not just receive out-of-the-box service. And because our programs can be targeted at different career levels, wherever you or your employees are in their career, we have a program to suit.

Why Coaching?

People chose coaching for many reasons.  At Executive Coaching Australia we work with aspiring leaders, current leaders, executives and business owners who are wanting to gain extraordinary results.

Like an elite athlete or footy team, every elite has a coach.  Everyone who is now an elite, got there because of amazing coaching.  That is what we do!  We work with you to elevate you to your highest potential, whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned executive.  We believe coaching is essential to success, and that’s why all our coaches have an ongoing coaching relationship with their coach!

We have worked with thousands of high performing professionals, leaders, and business owners via coaching and leadership development programs and have helped them achieve outstanding results.