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Our programs develop trust, unity and cohesion in your team from the start. Although teams develop naturally through time, they often need strong facilitation to build communication, empathy, cohesion and trust.

All successful teams need a strong basis of mutual respect, trust and dependability to ensure the team and the business succeed. One of the key components of high performing and highly engaged team is that they take the crucial time needed to ensure they actively build these factors.

If you find that your employees are working in a dysfunctional manner due to conflict, ambiguity, or misunderstanding, the success of your business can be compromised. Our programs are tailored to address your specific team building needs. 

At HR Experts International, we address the team’s real issues, creating deep team cohesion, higher performance and engagement. We get to the real underlying causes of issues and work with the team to get them back on track.

We create team building activities that promote cohesion, high engagement, trust and high performance.

We have had great success with existing teams as well as new teams and project teams. We help managers and organisations to build great teams. We take the time to understand where your team is today, and what your vision and goals are for your team(s) in the future.

We use a specialised form of profiling called DiSC which is a world leading emotional intelligence tool that helps with behavioural profiling. This allows people to develop more highly effective and adaptive communication, influencing and engagement skills which are critical in teams, management and customer facing roles. In addition, we also use 5 Team Dysfunctions Profiling & Belbin Team Roles Profiling where required.

Some of the most common objectives of team building workshops:

  • build new teams to fast-track the natural team development curve
  • build functional project teams
  • team building in times of change or following change
  • deal with team dysfunction
  • deal with conflict and ambiguity
  • facilitate the team to robustly discuss genuine issues, innovate and find workable solutions 
  • faciliate teamto develop a shared vision, team charter and new team direction
  • effective team problem solving – workshops to develop clear goals and strategies and/or manage key business issues (e.g. expanding internationally, inter-functional issues etc..), and
  • develop an already strong team to build stronger cohesion through self and team awareness.

We use DiSC behavioural profiling,  5 Team Dysfunctions Profiling & Belbin Team Role Profiling to enhance your workshops. Start your team building today!

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