What is a 360 Feedback Review?

A 360 Feedback Review is a professional development tool to help individuals at all levels of a business (but generally managers) understand their behavioural competence. It’s also known as a peer review.

When 360’s are designed, delivered and facilitated well, the tools are very powerful for insight, self awareness and identifying leadership development areas.

360/Peer reviews gather feedback from a wide variety of the person’s key stakeholders including colleagues, their manager, peers, direct reports and internal and external customers. This combined perspective helps the individual understand how well they are engaging with their key stakeholders, and provides a full view of their behaviour, impact and skills.

A 360 review should be designed by a behavioural expert to ensure the feedback is specific and relevant to the individual’s role, and/or the business’ needs, by establishing quality behavioural statements.



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We realise some people have had a poor experience of 360 from other providers.  At The HR Experts, our 360 reviews are professionally managed by our HR and behavioural experts in a psychologically sensitive manner.  They are designed specifically to suit the circumstances and context of the individual being reviewed and their employer’s culture and business, if relevant.

All our 360’s are designed to be objective, refrains from personal opinion and developed on the back on highly researched, qualified leadership competency behavioural statements.

Depending on the circumstances, we can implement your 360 reviews online, qualitatively, or a mix of both (e.g. for corrective behavioural change coaching). 

To get the most out of this process, it’s critical to ensure:

  1. Specialised expertise in the design and approach to the 360 questionnaire and process
  2. Appropriate administration
  3. Effective communication
  4. Appropriate process and coaching feedback for results 

Both individuals and businesses find a well executed 360 process invaluable to their professional development as it enables highly focused and customised coaching and training.

When the process is facilitatated well, the bench-strength of the business expands having a strong impact on the bottom line.

Our clients have also found it useful in:

  • providing a common language of expected behaviours
  • signifying a strong investment in culture and employee development (demonstrating people are the greatest asset)
  • assisting and enabling managers to coach their employees more effectively
  • identifying key behavioural assets and issues within teams as well as the business
  • enabling other processes to be supported e.g. resourcing (recruitment and promotion), training, development, talent management and succession planning.