Kickstarter Solutions

These Kick Starter packages enable small business to gain access to Senior HR & People Expertise, that larger businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on each year.

These packages build your HR Fundamentals so that you’re business can scale easily, become a talent magnet and an Employer of Choice in your industry.

For many businesses their employees are not only their greatest asset but they are their brand, so getting the fundamentals right is critical.  As a business we want to ensure we attract and retain talent that are the epitome of our Brand, are great performers and contributors, are motivated, engaged and passionate about our business and our customer experience.  To achieve this you need to have a great HR framework in place.  We are now enabling start-ups, small and medium businesses access to this key HR competence, to ensure they can compete for talent with the big end of town.

Whether you have some elements already in place already or not, we’ll help you build a HR framework that is fit for purpose for your business for now and the future. Getting the fundamentals of HR right ensures you are able to attract and retain great talent, avoid toxic employees and build a strong Brand.

These packages ensure you get the right policies, processes and frameworks you need to recruit, engage and retain great talent. 

Whether you have some of these elements in place already or not, we’ll help you build a high-quality HR framework that creates strong culture and is fit for purpose for your business for now and the future.  Getting the fundamentals of HR right ensures you are able to attract and retain great talent, avoid toxic employees and build a strong Brand. That means less hassle and headaches down the track and more profit!

These packages ensure you get the right policies, processes and frameworks you need to recruit, engage and retain great talent.  There’s a brief overview of the components below

If one of these kick starter packages doesn’t suit your business, give us a call and we’ll design a package tailored to your needs.  We can also assist larger businesses refine their HR strategy and framework for growth.

We also offer, ongoing HR on Demand Packages  (your virtual team of HR experts).

What is included?

Depending on your business needs, we’ll package up your Kick Starter package.  Some of the components that can be customised to your business needs.

  • Articulate your Employee Value Proposition

We work with key people in your business to understand your brand, what is unique about your business, what they love about working for you and pull that into key messages you use in all you HR frameworks, in particular recruitment.  Having a great employer brand is one of the key secrets to be a Talent Magnet business.

  • Customised Employee Handbook

We work with you to determine what you would like to offer your employees. We then build a customised & branded Employee Handbook that covers everything from Company History, Purpose, Brand Values through to all your People Policies and Processes.  A great Employee Handbook is a key attraction tool and enables managers and employees alike to have meaningful conversations.

  • Develop and implement Customised Best Practice Key HR Processes

The processes will depend on the size, context and intentions of your business.   We customise the processes to fit your business and industry.  This can include Performance Management, Performance Improvement, Reward & Recognition, Learning, Training & Development, Talent Management, and Succession Planning to name but a few.

  • Develop change management communications

We’ll tailor change communications and a plan to help you facilitate any changes smoothly and effectively with your current workforce.

  • Set up an HRIS and automate on-boarding

If you don’t have a HR system we’ll set up Employment Hero for you and customise it to your policies and on-boarding needs.  We ensure you cut out all unnecessary transactional activities so you can focus on what is important!

  • Review & Recommend changes to your recruitment funnel, including careers page & recruitment tools

We’ll do an in-depth audit and analysis of your recruitment funnel and make suggestions to improve your statistics and results. We can recommend a variety of tools to assist you in this if required.

  • Develop and/or deliver essential training

We’ll offer a range of training that is customised to your business.  This includes the compulsory training such as acceptable behaviours and WHS, as well as, inductions, customer service, sales, managing complaints, communication skills.

  • Develop a set of Customised Behavioural Competencies

To ensure you get the best possible talent for your business, articulating Behavioural Competencies that are based on your Brand, Values and desired culture is critical for recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, talent development and organisational learning.  This is an in-depth strategic approach that takes your business to another level and gives your start-up or SME a distinct advantage in the market.  This type of skill set is generally only available to larger businesses.  This puts smaller businesses on a level playing field and also gives them an advantage.

  • Customised Behavioural Fit Templates

We’ll work with you to design up to 4 Customised Behaviour Fit & Competencies Templates.  Behavioural Event Interview Guides ensure your business recruit for great fit employees.  This process enables you to empower your managers and employees to recruit the best-fit candidates for your business.  Customised behavioural interviews when facilitated well have exceptional recruitment success, resulting in a low possibility of recruiting toxic employees or unsuitable employees, thereby increasing your retention and engagement of employees and reducing significant attrition costs. We’ll also embed your Behavioural competencies into your Performance Management & Development Templates to enable these behaviours to become part of your DNA.

We know how to help you scale quickly whilst sustaining your unique culture through growth.​

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Above all, our HR Consultants and Specialists are no-nonsense, straight-talking, commercially focused, pragmatic business people, with at least 10 years commercial HR experience across a variety of industries, most with start-up and SME experience.

We have worked with organisations of all sizes, including hundreds of start-ups, small to medium-size businesses, and corporations with up to 1,000 employees.  We also work with a range of businesses, industries and leaders to deliver high performance, people and business outcomes. We help you strengthen your business from the core whilst expanding the skill set of your employees and leaders. 

We take an honest, open and objective view of the business and facilitate the courageous conversations that need to happen to build awareness and move the business forward.   Above all, we are no fluff, direct, straight-talking, empathetic and compassionate.