Employee Engagement

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, the chances are your business may have low to moderate Employee Engagement. True employee engagement results in all of the above and then some!

At HR Experts International we special in helping SME’s understand their TRUE Employee Engagement and Culture.  We use a Proprietary results-focused, science-based approach to Engagement and Culture that measures all elements of Employee Engagement related to high innovation, adaptability and performance levels.  

Ultimately, any Employee Engagement approach must be able to show how a business can achieve superior business results and, ultimately, improve the bottom line.  That’s why using a quality, science-based approach is imperative to any business wanting real results. Strong employee engagement levels are also recognised as a good indicator of investment by equity investors so, if you are open to offers, it’s important to maximise your investment in your people resources.

These days there is a great deal of hype around Employee Engagement, including a huge number of apps purporting to measure Engagement.  However, the vast majority of these tools may measure satisfaction but few truly measure Employee Engagement in depth. This has left many leaders with a misunderstanding of what Employee Engagement and Culture actually is.  

An Employee Engagement Program is more than simply using employee satisfaction or opinion surveys.  A great program enables a business owner or leaders to deeply understand what is happening in their business, gain a true Employee Engagement Score and analysis that provides powerful and deep insights.  A powerful Survey is a key business tool  that is predictive and able to inform the Executive of the changes required.

Our process provides you with in-depth understanding, key recommendations and we’ll help you determine key scalable and effective Strategic Initiatives to drive your business results. 

A reliable Engagement Survey identifies the actual level of Employee Engagement levels in your business and:

  • Measures job satisfaction components

  • Measures the level of positive emotional and rational connection of employees to their work, team and organisation

  • Identifies key drivers of engagement for your business

  • Provides you with benchmarks, and

  • Enables constructive strategic and tactical initiatives.

Whilst employee engagement is a critical component of business success, so is culture.  We’re talking about climate e.g. working environment, but more importantly, developing the behaviours, actions, decisions and competencies that differentiate your business and drive business results and success.

The HR Experts International has decades of experience in deploying pragmatic Culture and Engagement analysis approach with high success. Typically, you could expect both a Quantitative (organisational survey) and Qualitative (interviews/focus groups) to help you determine the most effective way forward, developing key strategic initiatives to realise improved business performance.