Why Coaching Now ?

With the ever increasing VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment is making being a great leader a significant challenge and dilemma.  Being a technically competent manager is no longer the key to promotion.  It is a minimal essential.  The imperative is now to develop agile, adaptive, conscious and creative leaders who are better able to navigate the future.

At the Leadership Circle, our research shows we are in the depths of a leadership crisis globally. This is because the vast majority of leaders (70%) are still relying solely on their basis technical competence. Less that 10% are truly, leading edge, highly capable leaders.  We don’t need to look too far to see the leadership crisis, taking the current US President as but one example. 

The leadership imperative is this: The management strategies that got you to where you are will no longer be of use to you in the future.  In fact, with COVID 19, this is but one of many major unprecedented challenges that every leader and business will face. Leaders facing these challenges are recognising the need to have the right support to help navigate the constantly shifting, extreme paradigm shifts and VUCA environment. 

We receive daily enquiries asking us about how we can help build leadership competence, capacity and capability.  Over the last few years, we have seen a distinct and growing need for Leadership teams to have Team Coaching.

We agree, now, more than ever, Leadership teams need to be a super team. Leadership teams are a recent phenomenon (last 40-50 years), and it is now time to take the concept of team to a new level. It is our experience that many leadership teams have a level of dysfunction, due to in-fighting, politics, passive-aggressive, lack of shared vision and purpose and lack of clearly identified leadership behaviours and of course a lack of trust and openness.  It is critical that we not only build highly capable and adaptive leaders, but we also build strong, cohesive, adaptive leadership teams that can have courageous and authentic conversations and work effectively together to solve complex and unprecedented problems.  

Research continually suggests that a business cannot perform better than the overall bench-strength of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).  This means a business can no longer rely on one or two superstars!  

The upshot of this is, that all leaders to future-proof their careers and their business by developing strong conscious, agile, authentic, adaptive leadership capability.