New Team Building

We can build a customised team building workshop for your needs

Whatever your needs, we have you covered!

We partner with you to design team building programs for a new team or project team that bring team members together around a new project or team mission.

  • Creating a new team, new project or business – creating team mission, vision, behaviours, charter from the outset
  • Bringing two or more teams together to work on business critical projects (e.g. post merger, change programs/restructures)
  • Facilitating new or project teams to build their key strategies, goals and outcomes

We customise all programs to meet the client and team needs. 

We can include several elements for the workshop, such as;

  • Using DISC profiles to enhance team empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Using Belbin Team Role Profiles to help understand the key strengths and limitations of the team
  • Using GROW, RASCI & other methodologies to facilitate team processes
  • Using Gallop Strengths profiles to develop understand of team and individual team member strengths
  • Designing fun team cohesion events
  • Practical activities 
  • Build team values, based on each individual’s values