covid-19 & 2021

In 2020, COVID-19 affected most businesses, many for the worst.  As leaders and business owners, we cannot be COVID deniers.

We need to lead from the front.  COVID challenges are set to continue into 2021 and beyond.

Everyone talks about a new normal?  But what does that actually mean?

For us, the only NEW NORMAL as leaders you can have is one of dealing with crisis.  Economies are set to downturn, and we cannot keep up what we have been doing.  At the moment, people are pretending there is a new normal, but until we all make fundamental shifts, we are still playing the pretending game and that will catch your business out. We now need to continually transform ourselves, our capabilities and our business.

So it incumbent on every leader and business owner to become highly adaptive leaders.  This is no easy task and I’ll talk more about this in some videos.

For now, as we face potentially more lockdowns, you NEED TO PREPARE YOU BUSINESS AND TEAMS NOW!

I’d suggest you answer the following questions and ensure you have a plan to execute in an instant and everyone knows what it is, what you require them to do, how and when.

At a deeper level, you should also get clear on the following if you haven’t done so. This will help you, your leaders, and your employees navigate the future.

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