2020 has been a year that most of us will be glad to see the back of.  Given many of us have been isolated this year, taking the time to plan a COVID safe Xmas Party for your business is a way to connect, share and support each other.

If you are considering organising a work Christmas staff party, here are our key tips.


Give each employee a supermarket voucher to buy their xmas goodies and drinks and have an online party. 

Make it a theme party and there are plenty of games and engagement tools to use. 

Get the team to come up with their favourites.


  • Firstly, check with your state/territory guidelines about gatherings
  • If you can, have it outside, more people are likely to come
  • Have a back up plan, just in case things change!
  • If masks are not mandatory by government, let people make their own mind up
  • Remind people about social distancing
  • Make sure you limit alcohol intake to ensure people remain responsible
  • Be very clear that anyone sick must not attend. Perhaps send them a hamper instead.
  • Do a theme or dress up (people haven’t had much opportunity this year for it)
  • Think about catering and use disposal utensils and plates. Make sure people put anything they have used in bins. Make sure you have hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes available.
  • Make sure you record everyone who came for contact tracing.
  • Make sure employees plan on how they will get home, including masks and safety.


As with all work events, make sure you are explicit about appropriate behaviour.  As an employer, you have a duty of care to provide a safe environment, including preventing bullying and harassment from occurring as much as possible and being prepared to intervene if it takes place.

We always suggest the owner/CEO email employees reminding people about their obligations a few days prior to the party. If you have an appropriate behaviours policy (and you should), it is a good idea to send this with the email.

And above all, have fun! We all need some laughs and enjoyment this silly season!

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