What are they? 

Belbin Team Roles are one of nine clusters of behavioural attributes identified by Dr Meredith Belbin’s research at Henley as being effective in order to facilitate team progress.

Dr Belbin has been regarded as a leading team theorist since the 1970’s and the framework demonstrates how successful teams can work together by identifying how each role type behaves, contributes, and interrelates with one another.

How do they work?

Belbin’s research proved that most successful teams were made up of a diverse mix of behaviours. Each team needs access to each of the nine behaviours to become a high-performing team.

There are 9 team roles in total, and as with all Profiling tools, most people are strong on a primary style and some have two or more. 

What are the nine roles?

The nine roles are:

  • Resource Investigator
  • Teamworker
  • Co-ordinator
  • Plant
  • Monitor Evaluator
  • Specialist
  • Shaper
  • Implementer
  • Completer Finisher

Why are they beneficial for businesses?

Profiling your team members, helping them understand their own roles and the team strengths creates inclusiveness, understanding, and cohesion.

Team members come to appreciate how each role is valuable and necessary –  regardless of their job title.

This empowers teams to be more self-reliant, build ownership, agility and boost communication.

Teams can also discover where the gaps are in order to achieve maximum potential.

"The types of behaviour in which people engage are infinite. But the range of useful behaviours, which make an effective contribution to team performance, is finite. These behaviours could be grouped into a set number of related clusters to which the term ‘Team Role’ is applied."
Meredith Belbin

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