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Yesterday’s leadership styles are not going to cut it in the unpredictable, hybrid-first business environments of tomorrow. Leadership Circle Profiling is the most powerful Leadership development framework in the world.

Encompassing five evidence-based leadership models, the LCP is a 360 degree assessment unlike any other - taking into account feedback from peers to evaluate leadership skills, influence, overall effectiveness, and key leadership competencies from multi-dimensional perspectives.

It is unique because it is the only tool that measures both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. By addressing multiple behavioral and psychological layers and matching personal results back with data from over 3.5 million other raters globally, it gives the leader far greater insight into their strengths, gifts and limiting beliefs.

The Leadership Circle process has helped me professionally and personally. It enables me to step back and see why I’m behaving the way I’m behaving. It has helped me grow as a leader and to model the things that I’m asking my leadership team to do.
Debbie Ballard
VP of Shared Services, McDonald’s Corporation

How it Works

A company can only perform as well as its people can. Leadership development is a personal journey that starts with deep self-discovery, and the first step of the journey is the Assessment. Following this, individuals are guided by an experienced coach through an intensive, practical and pragmatic debriefing process to achieve maximum benefits and get the most out of the investment. The HR Experts International will help you to determine candidates and manage the whole process.

There are four stages to our process:

Stage One
Week 1 > 2 hours

The initial discovery stage is about getting to know the individual from their own perspective and requires a candid, open minded approach. Discussion will be focussed around who they are as a whole person, key life experiences, career and goals. We will also cover the business context, challenges, previous leadership journey and business and career needs. In this session, we start to outline a vision for leadership and start to unlock true values. The coach will provide a brief overview of the LCP assessment following the session.

Stage Two
Week 2 > 1-2 hours

Stage one and Stage Two can run in tandem if time permits. This is where we collect the 360 data using the LCP framework to develop an in-depth analysis of the individuals’ profile ready for debrief. Because this takes time, the coach will provide several tasks to be completed in the interim, including watching some self-guided educational videos and keeping a reflections journal.

Stage Three
Debrief session #1 > 2 Hours

In the first of the debrief sessions, individuals should expect to learn about their key creative competencies, patterns of behaviour and habits, any long-held limiting beliefs, hidden gifts, personal challenges and how to harness these to transform leadership style.

This session will focus predominantly on what the LCP reveals, making sense of the data and benchmarking against global data gathered from over 3.5 million other leaders who have undertaken the Leadership Circle Profile. Your coach will provide a number of tasks to complete in the period between stage Three and Stage Four.

Stage Four
Debrief session #2 > 2.5 Hours

The final session begins with reflections, learnings and insights from both sides. The bulk of the session will determine key strengths, gaps, gifts, and identify 4 key growth areas and related actions to take to begin the journey to transformed leadership. The coach will develop a practical plan to help get started. We recommend individuals share their profile with their wider teams, however, this can be extremely challenging for a leader, so we will develop a snapshot that the leader feels confident to discuss with the team.

Leadership Circle Profile

360 Coaching Package

$ 2,295
  • Including:
  • - 1 x pre- coaching session
  • - $895 Leadership Circle Profile (cost of licensed profile) and 360 degree performance review. Analysis of LCP including benchmarking against global data
  • - 2 x in-depth coaching sessions. How to apply the learnings and a plan on what to do next (when/how) to improve their leadership capability.
*This is priced per individual, but can be priced for full teams.

About your Facilitator

The HR Experts International (HREI) was founded by CEO Vanessa Giannos, MA, MCIPD in 2006. As one of Australia’s leading HR/OD experts, Vanessa has developed a wealth of HR and business development experience from her local and global Executive HR roles over the last 30 years.

With phenomenal passion, strong business acumen and strategic skills, Vanessa takes a pragmatic approach with executive teams and has delivered strong results building high performance cultures, strong employee engagement, increased profitability and performance, communication, service excellence, leadership capability, knowledge management and team building.

As well as being one of the only accredited Leadership Circle Profiling practitioners in Australia, Vanessa has a strong demonstrable record in HR, Executive, Business and Professional Coaching, Training and Development.

Projects completed for satisfied clients.
27 +
Experienced team members employed.
Awards won across the globe.
30 +
Years of experience in business & consulting.

Why HR Experts International?

As your coaching partner, HREIs team of skilled and experienced Leadership and Development coaches are qualified in multiple globally recognised coaching frameworks and L&D tools that are backed by psychometrics and Neuroscientific research.

With many years of experience within Australian business, we’ve been working virtually with clients all over the world for 20+ years bringing together a global mindset to local business markets.

We believe in tailored, individualised programs that take into account individuals as a whole person encompassing physical, practical and psychological aspects, so no two sessions are the same.

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