360 Feedback Reviews – What are they? 

360 Feedback Reviews are a professional development tool to help individuals at all levels of a business (but generally managers) understand their behavioural competence. It’s also known as a Peer Review. When 360’s are designed, delivered and facilitated well, the process can be very powerful for insight, self awareness and identifying leadership development areas.

How does a 360 Feedback Review Work?

The process kicks off by gathering feedback from a wide variety of the key stakeholders surrounding the individual, including their colleagues, managers, peers, direct reports and internal and external customers. This combined perspective helps the individual understand how well they are engaging with their key stakeholders, and provides a full view of their behaviour, impact and skills. A 360 review should be designed by a behavioural expert to ensure the feedback is specific and relevant to the individual’s role, and/or the business’ needs, by establishing quality behavioural statements.

At HREI, 360 reviews are professionally managed and sensitively designed by our HR and behavioural experts. They are tailored specifically to suit the circumstances and context of the individual being reviewed and the company culture and industry, where relevant. All our 360’s are designed to be objective, devoid of subjective opinion and backed by proven research and world-renowned behavioural psychology. Depending on the circumstances, we can implement your 360 reviews online, qualitatively, or a mix of both (e.g. for corrective behavioural change coaching).