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Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Fast Track Your Career with our Proven Methodology, that gets real results!​

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Fast Track Your Career with our Proven Methodology, that gets real results!

Our inhouse and public VILT programs are designed to lift competence, confidence and performance, whilst being enjoyable and highly pragmatic. We work with you to design the right program for your business.

With Covid19, a new way of learning and development is required.  We believe developing soft skills and leadership competence requires live facilitation by qualified and insightful Behavioural Coaches/Trainers.  We also use proven adult learning principles which make training highly interactive and ensuring key skills practice.  That is why we focus on Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).

Our VILT programs are designed with people in mind.  Our programs are fun, insightful, high quality and provide the right blend of theory, models, and pragmatic tools as well as real-life scenarios and real skill practice.

We provide public programs throughout the year.  These will recommence in October 2020.  However, we are available to provide customised training, learning and development for your business.

Some of our current programs include:

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Our training programs aim to inspire people, be fun and practical, create skills and competence, change thinking and behaviours, create higher levels of engagement, strong ROI business impact, over-achieve on desired outcomes, all of which have created long-lasting change and increased performance. 

Our trainers are highly skilled and qualified in creating insight and inspiration and enabling people to move forward to achieve their goals and their maximum potential. 

Our training goes beyond skills to self-awareness and true insight that plays a critical role in accelerated growth and development.  Based on the fundamentals of adult learning principles, our Learning, Training & Development programs are designed to engage all learning styles.  

These include:

We layer skills and ensure transfer to the workplace through our tailored programs. Where appropriate, we use profiling tools to enhance insights and learning. They enable key skills and behaviours to be built, while developing rich rapport and relationships among participants.

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All participants receive a professional pdf containing effective tools that they can deploy in their daily work lives.  Each participant completes an action plan, that their managers can follow up.

We have phenomenal feedback from all participants (see Testimonials) in our programs because we design our programs to deliver real results. When these are combined with our powerful follow up coaching, phenomenal results occur.

Personality profiling tools

We use high quality tools such as DiSC Profiles, Myer Briggs and Belbin Team Roles, 5 Dysfunctions and a range of other tools to give deep insight into your team members personalities, drivers, motivations and strengths. We tailor these tools to your specific needs.  Find out more about these tools on the Free Resources page on our website.