The HR Experts (International) Pty Ltd

The HR Experts International partner with businesses to help clients to solve people, performance and workplace related problems.  We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses (including franchises and start-ups). We use proven best practice solutions that are pragmatic, gain maximum leverage and get real business benefits and results.

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists provide a wide range of HR Solutions.  Whether you are a small employer and wanting On-call HR services or looking for HR Strategic Consultants, HR Operational Consultants/Interims, we have the right HR solutions to meet your business needs.

We take a strategic, integrative approach, aligning to your business strategy, vision, values and desired culture.  Our integrative approach ensures our solutions gain maximum leverage.  We help management fine-tune their current initiatives, understand the key issues, gain clarity, and develop clear initiatives and action plans to get real business results.

If you don’t have an HR team, we can also help you to establish appropriate employment contracts, policies and processes and provide HR guidance on day-to-day issues.  We have extensive experience in start-up businesses as well as significant change management experience, including large projects and MNC enterprises.

Training Solutions

Our trainers are all expert HR professionals with extensive behavioural and training experience.  This means our first class Training programs are rich, pragmatic, building relevant skills and competencies.

We base our solutions on the fundamentals of adult learning principle and engage all learning styles.  We include theoretical concepts and action-orientated, accelerated learning techniques. We tailor all our training programs to align with your business strategy, objectives, values and culture.

Coaching Solutions

We offer a range of first-class coaching solutions to support you and your team, from Career Coaching through to Executive and Business Coaching.