Pandemic Leave Announced


The Fair Work Commission finalises Pandemic Leave starting 8/4/20!? Awards have changed to allow workers the right to two weeks of unpaid ‘pandemic leave’.   The Fair Work Commission is currently working on finalising changes to 99 awards most impacted by Covid to enable employers and workers to better cope with the impacts of COVID-19.  This […]

Covid 19 – Employer Questions answered – VIDEO ONE


Over the last 48 hours we have been bombarded with queries from leaders and business owners about what to do in this crisis. In this video, our CEO starts with discussing a HR and business strategy and offers practical options and approaches. In particular, we address Standing Down employees.  Tomorrow we will discuss some more […]

Coronavirus – Are you ready?


Coronavirus – Is your business ready? Coronavirus has leapt to over 85,000 confirmed cases (CNN), with countries such as South Korea, Iran, Hong Kong and South Korea reporting increasing numbers and a rising global death toll. As concerns of Coronavirus spreading quickly across the globe a number of companies have put risk management strategies into […]

WHS Manslaughter laws


An Australian worker was killed at work every 2 days in January, 2020! As at 30 January, Safe Work Australia there have been 15 Australian workers killed at work in 2020. That is one person every two days!  A shocking number. Last year (2019), Safe Work Australia reported a total of 162 workplace fatalities for 2019, 18 more than the […]

Helping employees in times of crisis


How leaders can support their employees in times of crisis or trauma Today we’ve had a couple of calls from our clients asking us for tips on how to support employees in the bushfire crisis. Our CEO has done a quick video to help Small Business Owners and Leaders on how to lead their teams […]